This conference envisages providing a platform for researchers to exchange knowledge on disaster risk reduction focussing on civil engineering perspective. It is important to have the infrastructure resilient to disaster. In addition, civil engineering has the potential to offer solutions that can reduce the risk during a disaster. The vision of this conference is set in line with UNDRR chief's 5-point plan for resilient infrastructure, the 1st agenda of Hon. Prime Minister's ten-point agenda on DRR - 'Disaster Resilient Infrastructure' and UN Sendai Framework as well as UN Sustainable Development Goals SDG#9 and SDG#11.                  


UN Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction in 2015
UNDRR chief's 5-point plan for resilient infrastructure
1st agenda of Indian Prime Minister's ten-point agenda on DRR-'Disaster Resilient Infrastructure'
Research and Innovations to Build Disaster Resilient Societies
UN Sustainable Development Goals SDG#9 & SDG#11


 Unique Features                  

To be more considerate towards delegates during these difficult times and to be accommodative for young researchers The committee is planning to follow below-mentioned strategies, keeping high quality and standard.

1. In view of the financial stress created by Covid-19, Conference Organizing Committee will not be collecting any registration fee from the participants.

2. There is no registration/publication fee for authors.

3. To ensure sincere participation, non-author participants are encouraged to make a donation to UN CERF or any other agency towards disaster relief activities. This initiative of the conference committee has been endorsed and appreciated by the UN CERF Humanitarian Affairs Officer.

4. 50% of the keynote speakers slot is kept open to accommodate interested experts (with proven track record) willing to deliver a keynote address (subject to approval by the Advisory board/Patrons/Committee).

5. 75% of the Technical Expert Committee (Review Panel) Members slot is kept open to accommodate interested experts with proven expertise through publications.